Improve Customer Engagement with SMS alerts in the BFSI sector

Improve Customer Engagement with SMS alerts in the BFSI sector

Based on the survey from multiple banks, the sample of 500,00 customers strongly supports the conclusion that SMS alerts are helpful for creating a better banking service for the mobile-oriented clients.

A decade ago, the implementation of alerts in enterprises was a bit difficult and time consuming. Still, banks and financial industries understood the importance of messaging system and invested basic resources to send important ATM alerts, withdrawal SMS and soon started to send few other information related to accounts and banking. They had limited resources and insights into delivery insights and other service management system. Real-time reporting was not developed yet.

But with the growth of messaging solutions in India, this is no longer the situation. Secured application, advanced integration techniques, quality connectivity and insights transparency are the top robust features that changed everything in the BFSI (Banking, Financial services and Insurance) industry.

In addition to using their smartphones to stay up-to-date socially, a Bankrate survey found that almost two-thirds of smartphone users have at least one full-service banking app installed.

SMS also offers an addition channel for brand marketing using promotional SMS where customers can receive offers, updates, coupons, reward points for loyalty activities. And with a online engagement, each extra touch point is a great opportunity to build trust. When customers engage regularly with a brand in a positive way, they’ re more likely to use their product.

Using SMS gateways, banks can do something new and useful: Providing sensitive updates and reminders, withdrawal alerts, or alerting customers about fraudulent activities and suspicious login attempts etc.


Providing the right information at the right time can make all the difference for your customers. In other words, definitive and flexible solutions that serve for more than just one SMS alerts channel, to fill the upcoming needs and demands of consumers.

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