We are proud to announce that a leading software review platform has distinguished Digimiles with two industry awards. This is an important recognition for our passionate, hard-working team that poured blood, sweat and tears to ensure our clients utilize an efficient and hassle-free platform for reaching their customers.

FinancesOnline recognized our bulk SMS services platform with the Great User Experience for top instant messaging & chat software. This award certifies software solutions that provide stunning ease of use and an intuitive interface for handling your day to day activities and processes. “With Digimiles, users can send transactional messages on a massive scale without breaking a sweat,” wrote FinancesOnline here. Their experts also listed the benefits of Digimiles such as streamlining and ensuring “clear and consistent” communication with customers, providing “fast and safe delivery” for sending messages, and featuring “quick and reliable marketing” functionalities, among others.

FinancesOnline also branded Digimiles as a 2018 Rising Star, an award reserved to software

solutions that have a highly positive user feedback and are seen by users as an effective tool for getting the job done in the workplace. FinancesOnline concludes that Digimiles is one of the best platforms on the market for optimizing SMS sales and strategies.

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