No doubt SMS marketing is effective way of communication to reach out to your customers, considering the fact that by 2020, as per prediction, 90% of the world population will have mobile.

SMS marketing is considered as most personal and direct way of communication, to reach out to your customers. It has highest CTR and lowest CPS(Cost Per SMS) which is making it one of the most effective medium for marketers to push offers and discounts.

If done through legal way, means by respecting privacy of the customer, SMS marketing is one of the best way to increase your conversion rate and receive customer feedback.

Check out this link to know how to and where to use SMS marketing

I’d like to offer you few tips to make your campaigns successful.

#1. Segment your audience

If the right message is not sent to the right audience then it’d be considered as spam and irritating. Segmenting your audience ensures that the right audience receives relevant information and makes the difference between informational message and the spam one.

#2. Timing plays key role

It might be not good idea to send SMS early in the mornings or late in the evenings. Unlike emails, email campaigns on weekend may not get you expected results, but SMS campaigns may get you the expected one.

#3. Make-up your SMS content

Message with Right Call-To-Action and simplicity is also important. Keep your SMS content simple and right to the conclusion. Don’t drag it large.

Example: GET 30% off using the promo code “WKNDSALE”. Click the link to avail. Offer Expires by June 31, 2018.

Give a personal touch to your message by inserting your customer first name and brand yourself by sending the message with your company name.

#4. Sense of Urgency

The fear of losing out an offer is an important factor that can drive to close a sale. Keep your offer for limited duration. The validity of the offer must be communicated clearly in the SMS. Make sure to add your product link which has offer details completely.


Customer would not want to receive pointless offers which is not worth. Make an offer which customer would not refuse to click your link to check it.

Be precise, to the point and action-oriented.

Bulk SMS is effective marketing tactic. Use it in right way and get benefited.

Do not be in thought that you will get high results with your first campaign. SMS marketing is regular practice to expect results.

Keep experimenting and Happy Texting!

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