How To Encourage Customers To Opt-In To Your SMS Marketing Program

How To Encourage Customers To Opt-In To Your SMS Marketing Program

Growing your opt-in list isn’t an easy thing. Purchasing some unknown data and doing an SMS marketing Campaign is real sick these days, which is waste of money and time. So, when you’re organizing an SMS marketing campaign, make sure that you have eager and valuable subscribers. Here’re some tips to get them to opt-in and sign up:

Make your Message Valuable

What is the value that you can offer them, if they opt-in and sign up with you? It should involves the offers, quality and trust for buying the product that your subscribers are interested in purchasing with you, then they’ll find a value and more likely to sign up with you.

You can focus on sending discount related message, because it’s convenient and money-saving way to receive offers.

Keep it short

When you’re offering something of value, be short with valid information. 160 characters of text message may not be enough to send complete offer information. But it is enough to create a clear and interesting offer that encourages the receiver to opt-in with you. Make sure your message contains straight forward call action.

Send SMS at the right time

While most people reads SMS instantly, most of them them don’t react on your SMS during the work time, morning rush. Make sure you that you know what group you are targeting and connect with them on their time frame, not your own. When they receive SMS, they should feel it as productive, but not some scrap seller’s SMS.


Once you know what group you are targeting, think of all the possibilities to reach them, not only SMS, and make sure that you have opt-in form there.

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