In general, they say that a good SMS add positivity and peace to the mind. Timely notifications always alerts your customer to save their resources. A startup can utilize bulk SMS for everyday medium of communication for customers, vendors and employees. I’m sure that bulk SMS will amaze you for sure due to the being

  1. Personalization
  2. Instant
  3. Add value to the experiences

As a startup owner you can choose the type of messaging that suits your business. However i’m gonna mention two types of messaging, you can understand from it that what suits your business requirement.

#1. Transactional 

You can use this messaging route to keep your customers informed about their product delivery, account information, greetings and wishes.

For example – One Time Password, confirmation SMS, delivery statuses etc.

#2. Promotional

You can utilize this route to keep your customers informed about new product releases, offers, discounts, coupons, weekend sale’s etc. In word i can say it’s purely for promotional.

I believe you got some idea how this messaging works for any business or startup. I kept this article too simple so that any newbie can understand how this works. Below are the links that can help you with features and ways to use messaging service:

  1. SMS Marketing Guide
  2. Transactional Messaging

If you’ve any kind of queries in your mind, we at Digimiles always at your step to help you out.

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