Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Effective than Email Marketing | Infographic

Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Effective than Email Marketing | Infographic

For the past two decades, email marketing has been the most proven standard of marketing platform. And, in this time it has evolved to become an interactive experience platform.

But nothing lasts for a long time, and advancements in technology, with a change in consumer behaviors, have taken away the effectiveness of email than SMS marketing. Now, it’s the era of SMS marketing.

In a new infographic, we have broken down why text messaging has become more effective than email marketing:

1. Your Customer Prefer Text

Yes, if its important message like limited time offers, they should not miss it. Texting is used by 98% of the customers in day to life. As soon as the text message is submitted, consumers will reach message into their mobiles. But what about email? It will take time to login into email and check. Moreover, these days we receive lots of emails which are not even unique and don’t excite us anymore. Don’t think this is removing email completely, it is just SMS is little better than emails.

2. SMS drives more engagement

Imagine how much your interactions with them would increase if they could handle purchases and returns in a way that’s convenient for them. As soon as your consumer receives a text link to your offer page, they will click and check the offer. This has more chances to buy from you. All you need to do is make some exciting text message and offer page with complete and necessary details.

Customers would prefer using it (you just have to offer it!), and it can even drive the bottom line!

3. Simplicity and Instant Impact

Unless like email, there is no need to create email templates, images. You can put offer links, app download link, send SMS with your company name and much more customization. It generates a positive impact for sure.

Approximately 98% of consumers will open the text message that they receive, within 5 minutes of time. Imagine how much probability of opening it and taking action on it.


A right SMS campaign will help you to reach the right customer at the right time. As social media and advertising campaigns are overcrowded with huge competition. It’s time to select the right vendor to make your campaigns positive and effective.

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