Aren’t you counting to the new year? Make everyone excited about your deals and offerings by promoting it through multiple marketing channels. Whether you have best coupons for couples night out, or you are throwing a party at club or home, you can SMS Marketing as a medium to reach your audience. Here’s how

#1. Grow your fan following on social media

Social media takes half of the time in our daily lives. It is one of the best ways to letting know people to know about your events and get engaged with them. Share photo’s, deals and videos if possible and get feedback. You can choose different social media platforms for this. Use hashtag everywhere, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Understand how your audience use social media, and make sure that you are on those platforms.

#2. Increase your targeted audience list

If you wish to get people excited about your upcoming event, reaching them via email/SMS is most important. You should build your list. You can target specific groups according to their tastes. For example, you can offer coupons separately for young couples and couples with children. This way you can reach broad audience in right targeted way.

#3. Use Text messaging 

These days everyone are carrying mobiles to anywhere and anytime. May be they are not online, but definitely they are in position of able to receive text message. Sending an SMS is the best way to reach your audience, it can be read within seconds and minutes. You can use SMS marketing to send:

  1. Coupons and discounts at your shop/hotel for this new year event
  2. Special free gifts to your customers
  3. Reminding about your upcoming events
  4. Contests with free gifts to winners via SMS

At Digimiles, we are always tend to help our customers to increase their audience reach via SMS Marketing. Talk to us about the possibilities of it. Sign up free trial today!

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