Millenials love texting, chatting. Either it could be Whatsapp, SMS, Hike, Messenger. You may find this surprising, considering how often millenials are continuously checking their Whatsapp, SMS inbox. If you are hoping to reach them to promote your products, you need to have SMS strategy.

According to surveys, 75% of users say that if they had to choose, they would give up the ability to talk over the call and prefer SMS/Chat.

Why you should focus on Millenials

Millenials are tech-savy, educated and always seeks for the information and offers. They are continuously connected with their friends and family over online/SMS.

They are the generation that grew up with tech resources constantly at their finger tips.

Since you know that Millenials prefer to text than to call, it makes easy to plan your marketing strategy. This is because it’s more convenient and on their schedule. 65% said they find texts are less disruptive than voice calls.

In what way you can use SMS marketing

Bulk SMS service is a massive opportunity for businesses of all size. Smart business owners starts using bulk sms marketing and they’ll find the most benefit by targeting tech-savvy Millenials.

There are many different ways that you can use bulk SMS service to communicate with your Millenial customers. Here are some:

  1. Send a text about an upcoming sale or event
  2. Send coupon codes, product offers
  3. Send an alert when order is ready to deliver
  4. Send reminder for payments are acknowledgement that payment have been made

Your customers may be fine with receiving text messages, but they may soon get annoyed with spammy texts. Here are some tips to create successful campaigns:

  1. Get consent from your customers to receive SMS
  2. Make it worth deal their while
  3. Wish on their anniversary, birthdays
  4. Be honest and genuine
  5. No bla-bla, Get to the point

How to encourage customers to opt-in to your SMS marketing campaigns

Convinced that SMS marketing can help you reach Millenials? Get started now with Digimiles.

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